Clause 1: Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, the purchased or delivered items shall be at the customer’s risk with effect from the conclusion of the (purchase) agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery shall be made at the customer’s home/factory.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the prices shall be based on Delivery Duty Paid (DDP). Please contact us for the order value.

The customer shall be bound to take delivery of the (purchased) goods as soon as the same are delivered or made available to it conformity with the contract. If the customer refuses to take delivery or is negligent in providing information or instructions required for delivery, the goods shall be stored at the customer’s risk. In such case, the customer shall be liable to pay all additional costs, which shall include storage costs in all cases.

Clause 2: Delivery by appointment

1. Order your products in the webshop

2. Receive an email with the expected delivery date

You will receive a confirmation email once the order has been received. You will then receive an email with your invoice and delivery date within one working day. If you are still not sure when your order will be delivered, please contact our customer service.

It is important that someone is present to receive the products. Therefore, always check whether the expected delivery date is convenient for you. If you are unable to take delivery of the products, please contact us. Then we can agree on a new delivery date together.

3. Receive your order

Our carrier will deliver the order on the agreed delivery date and address. In order to deliver the products, it is necessary that someone is present to receive them.


Someone must always be present to receive the goods.

For certain delivery sizes > 2 metres, two people's assistance is required to unload the goods.

When nobody is available to accept the order, we will contact you to schedule a new appointment. For a new delivery request, a fee of €39.95 will be charged.

4. Check for damage and sign for receipt

Although rare, products can be damaged during transport. Therefore, we always recommend that you check for damage or defects before signing for delivery. If you sign, you acknowledge that you have received the products in good order. If the products are damaged, the carrier must take them back. We will contact you to schedule a redelivery.

We recommend that you unpack the goods immediately upon receipt. There is a good chance that you will need to acclimatise the products before installing them. More information can be found in the product leaflets. Contact us immediately if the goods show signs of damage when unpacked, even if the packaging was not damaged. In this way, we can look at possible solutions together. Do not under any circumstances handle the products until you have received a response from us.


- Packaging materials are not returned upon delivery.

- Do not install damaged/defective products until you have received a response.

- Goods are delivered to the first barrier or the first obstacle encountered by the supplier (e.g. unpaved road). Time-based deliveries and deliveries at the weekend are currently not possible.

Clause 3: Delivery period

An agreed/specified delivery period is not a deadline, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. In case of late delivery therefore, the customer must issue HDM NV. with a written notice of default. Notice of termination of contract on the grounds of late delivery may be given subject to the observance of a prior termination notice period of 8 days that shall take effect at the earliest 30 days after the scheduled delivery date, without any compensation being claimed for the same. However, this possibility shall only exist after the payment of all overdue receivables from previous deliveries.

Clause 4: How is the order delivered

HDM NV. collaborates with a number of different transporters. Due to the large dimensions and weights, we usually deliver by truck. But sometimes we also call on PostNL or BPost.

Clause 5: Partial deliveries

HDM NV. is permitted to deliver (sold) goods in parts. This shall not apply if a partial delivery has no independent value. If the goods are delivered in parts, HDM NV. shall have the right to invoice each part separately.