HDM products are carefully made from good materials. HDM also offers a warranty on material and manufacturing defects from the date of purchase; the length of this warranty depends on the product group and can be found in the packaging of the product or on the website at www.hdm.be.

The following provisions apply to the warranty:

  • HDM guarantees its products for residential and commercial use, provided the products are applied, processed and maintained according to the instructions of HDM. The correct quality of the product must be used to meet the requirements for each room or place. Installation and maintenance instructions, as well as further product information, can be found in the package insert, which can be found in the packaging of the products, or on the website www.hdm.be.

  • The warranty period starts on the day of delivery.

  • The warranty does not apply in cases of improper use, incorrect cleaning methods, damage caused by tears, knocks, cuts, or accidents such as damage caused by heavy/sharp objects or the dragging of furniture. For the warranty, the damage on each panel must cover at least 1 cm² of the surface and be clearly visible.

  • The product must be thoroughly checked for visible defects or damage before installation. Visibly damaged products must not be used and must be reported to the HDM dealer from where the product was purchased within 14 days of purchase, after which the damaged products will be replaced. Complaints submitted after this period are not covered under the warranty.

  • In the event of material or manufacturing defects, HDM will take back the defective product in accordance with these warranty conditions and offer an alternative. Only the defective product will be taken back. Any other damage or costs that may be incurred, such as installation, transport and removal costs will not be reimbursed.

  • To make a claim under the warranty, the original dated receipt must be submitted as a warranty certificate. This will act as a warranty certificate and must be taken to the dealer where the HDM product was purchased.

  • The dealer will assess and process the claim, if necessary it will be forwarded to HDM. The warranty applies only to the first user/original purchaser of the product and is not transferable.

  • If the claim is justified, HDM will replace the product with an equivalent product that is available at that time.

No other warranty applies than described in the above warranty conditions. HDM is not liable for direct and/or indirect damage and/or costs caused by a product that is defective, and is not liable for the costs of removal and replacement of the product, transport or transaction costs.