Unique: HDM first manufacturer of SPC products in Western Europe
Aqua-Step: sustainable, circular products for floors, walls, ceilings and façades

HDM is the first manufacturer in Western Europe to produce innovative SPC products for interior and exterior use. The first products will be launched under the Aqua-Step brand: Aqua-Step XL and Aqua-Step boards. SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) consists mostly of limestone with a small percentage of PVC. The product has many benefits and is also 100% recyclable.

HDM is the first and only manufacturer in Western Europe to produce floor and wall panels from SPC and is now introducing the first two products in a growing range. SPC has several interesting characteristics: it is impact resistant, strong and very easy to process. The production process and material also have a minimal environmental impact. It’s no surprise that the material is currently conquering the market for walls and floors.

HDM was originally a European distributor of decorative MDF, PVC and SPC products for the DIY and professional markets. The company has now begun manufacturing unique SPC products under the Aqua-Step brand. Two variants will be launched initially: Aqua-Step XL and Aqua-Step boards. These are large panels (260.5 x 32 cm and 260.5 x 97 cm respectively) with a SolidPaint© surface. They are an ideal wall finishing for bathrooms etc. as the panels are waterproof and very suitable for installation on top of existing (tiled) walls thanks to their thin profile. The products are available from stock in various ultra matt and gloss designs.

Strong and easy to install
SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite: a composite of PVC and calcium carbonate. Kees Tempelaars (CEO of HDM) explains: “SPC is currently conquering the market for flooring in particular. That’s no surprise. It is very impact resistant, stable and strong. We have added our knowledge and experience in the field of wall panels and the benefits of SolidPaint©. This durable surface layer provides excellent protection against wear, scratches and stains. Aqua-Step panels are also easy to cut to size with a Stanley knife. Thanks to the Click ’N screw fixing, they’re easy to install with screws or adhesive.”

Small ecological footprint
The sustainability of the product is just as important as its practical benefits. Tempelaars explains: “Aqua-Step has a long lifespan and a very small ecological footprint. There is no production waste. The water used in production is reused in a closed cycle and the energy is mostly generated by solar panels. No harmful emissions are released, because the product doesn’t contain formaldehyde or plasticisers. The entire product is also 100% recyclable. The product can be used as a raw material in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle.”

Rapid delivery and flexible
HDM has launched many successful products in the past. In-house manufacturing is a new chapter for the company in Peer (Belgium). Tempelaars nevertheless has every confidence: “We have combined the latest developments from Asia with our own patents to produce products with unique characteristics. Aside from this, shipping from the Far East increasingly causes headaches and the sustainability of products made there is also far from certain. When you take all these factors into account, manufacturing in Belgium is an attractive proposition. With our new production lines, we can guarantee short lead times and respond flexibly to demand from the market.”

More products coming soon
The company will initially focus on producing the aforementioned Aqua-Step panels. The range will be expanded to include Aqua Click Tiles, Vinyluxe floors and SolidPaint® façade panels in the coming months. All these products are made in Belgium and share the major benefits of SPC. For more information: www.aquastep.com.


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For more information, please contact Corinne Angenent (marketing manager) by calling +32 11 61 01 48 or sending an e-mail to Corinne.Angenent@hdm.be

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