The kitchen is used several times a day to enjoy a tasty meal or a quick cup of tea/coffee. In short, the kitchen is often the centre-point of a home and is therefore best furnished in a practical and comfortable way. Both the underfloor and wall and ceiling panels play an important role. This is why it’s best to choose a quality and sustainable product. This will ensure you remain safe in the kitchen while enjoying a drink or cooking. In addition, your floor, wall and ceiling determine the look and feel of your interior.

Are you looking for a safe, attractive floor? Then floors from HDM are a good option. They can be used in any living space, including the kitchen. Find out more about the advantages of HDM floors.

Are you planning to renovate an existing kitchen or installing a new one?

Are you planning to renovate an old home, or are you installing a completely new kitchen in an existing or new home? In both cases, a thoughtful choice of flooring is recommended. The floor is the base of your new kitchen, and your wall and ceiling panels can be adjusted accordingly.

The HDM range is very extensive with many decors and colour tones. This means you will undoubtedly find a floor, wall or ceiling with a unique character that suits your wishes and expectations. Our range of materials is also extensive. For example, you can choose a panel from MDF, PVC, SPC vinyl, wood or laminate flooring.

The style of your kitchen

Is your kitchen contemporary, or do you prefer traditional design? Our different floor, wall and ceiling panels can be found in both modern and traditional decor. Of course you can mix and match to your own taste.

This means you can choose a tile look, concrete look, wood look, or a floor or wall with herringbone pattern, and match your floor, wall or ceiling perfectly with the style of your kitchen.

A great HDM floor in your kitchen

Above all, a kitchen must be practical. An accident while cooking or pouring drinks can happen quickly. So a floor that can take a beating and is durable is a must. Moreover safety is a top priority. This is precisely why HDM floors are the best choice.


Easy to install yourself

Minimal noise

Low maintenance


Wear resistant

Moisture resistant or even waterproof

Combination with underfloor heating possible  

Unique look  

Relatively cheap  

Are you interested in an HDM floor, wall or ceiling for your kitchen? 

Are you planning to use HDM floors for your kitchen? Then take a look at our Product Range to buy your desired laminate floor.

Do you have any questions, or do you need some advice? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to support you!