A good night’s sleep affects how you feel for the whole day. This is why it’s important to get the best sleep possible, so you wake up “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”, looking forward to the day. The furnishings in your bedroom contribute to a good night’s sleep and help you get under the covers with a pleasant feeling. So you should try to furnish your bedroom so that it fully meets your needs and wishes.


Important when choosing a panel/floor for a bedroom?

Think carefully about how your bedroom décor will look beforehand. Which bed should you choose? Where will all the furniture go? Which floor is the most suitable for your bedroom? Which wall or ceiling panels should you choose? Would you like to add some nice finishing touches to your bedroom with built-in spotlights in the ceiling?

We have numerous options for floor, wall and ceiling panels. For example, you can choose wooden flooring, laminate flooring, or waterproof PVC or SPC vinyl flooring. Our wall and ceiling panels are also available in different decors. These range from wooden sheets to MDF, PVC or SPC vinyl panels or tiles.

HDM floors offer many advantages in both appearance and use of the floor.

The style of your bedroom

Every person is different, and tastes differ. This means every bedroom has an unique character and appearance. The variation in floors, furniture and wall coverings help determine the style of the bedroom. For example, do you want a bedroom with modern décor, or do you prefer a traditional design? Would you like a concrete look or a warm wood decor? The options are endless. Especially if you opt for an HDM floor, wall or ceiling.

Easy to install yourself 

Minimal noise 

Low maintenance


Wear resistant

Unique look

Combination with underfloor heating possible

Relatively cheap


Are you planning to use HDM floors for your kitchen? Then take a look at our Product Range to buy your desired laminate floor.
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