Do you enjoy taking a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower in the morning? The bathroom is the ideal space for making time for yourself and completely unwinding. A practical, safe and stylish bathroom that is 100% waterproof is a must.


Are you planning a new bathroom or renovating an old one?

Is your bathroom in need of renovation, or are you installing a completely new one? In both cases, you should consider a moisture-resistant floor, wall or ceiling from HDM.

For example, a PVC floor uniquely combines several benefits. You can have a stylish bathroom while never having to walk on cold floor tiles again. SPC vinyl and PVC, such as that found in Vinyluxe, Aqua Click Tiles or Aqua-Step, ensures your floor will remain 100% waterproof. Because these floors are made from plastic material, they do not absorb moisture. In addition, they are made with a waterproof seam so they do not leak. This makes them resistant to the most humid conditions.

Moisture-resistant panels made from MDF or HDF, or waterproof PVC panels, can be used for the ceiling.

Bathroom style

The style of your bathroom is of course completely dependent on your personal taste. Would you prefer a modern design, or do you prefer authentic details? The floor, wall and ceiling panel range from HDM is endless. We have all kinds of matching décors, sizes and colours to give your bathroom a unique character. HDM can also offer wooden or natural stone styles. For example, our PVC and SPC vinyl floors are hardly distinguishable from real natural products, yet they are a lot cheaper.

Which material would you like for your bathroom

Our bathroom range contains SPC vinyl floor and wall panels, MDF and HDF ceiling panels, and PVC products. What is the best material to use? This obviously depends on where you want the products. The best option for the floor and wall is PVC panels or SPC vinyl sheets. As an alternative to PVC for the ceiling, MDF or HDF can also be used. It is also very important that the bathroom is well ventilated.

Bathroom ceiling panels

We have MDF, HDF and PVC products in our range of bathroom ceiling panels. The advantage of a PVC ceiling is that it’s completely waterproof and not too expensive. However, the range is quite limited. The MDF and HDF panels are moisture-resistant and available for many different decors, from simple white, to a gold-coloured or wood structure. The panels are easy to assemble yourself, and LED lighting can easily be built in.

Easy to install yourself

MinimaL noise

Low maintenance

Moisture resistant or even waterproof

Wear resistant

Unique look

Combination with underfloor heating possible

Relatively cheap


Are you planning to build a new house, or are you renovating your living room. Take a look at our wide range of flooring, or browse through our wall and ceiling panels.

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