Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center
aqua-step keep challenging center

Team DSM and Aqua-Step are proud to announce that they will expand their partnership by joining forces in the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center.

Team DSM’s innovative campus was opened in 2019 with the aim to optimise both athlete development and cooperation, by providing the team’s riders a living environment with a high-end support network.

The Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center is situated in Sittard, Limburg. This area provides excellent facilities, such as fantastic training routes, the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park, universities, and medical facilities. On the campus, the riders live in modern apartments, where there are also opportunities to have race evaluations, coaching sessions, equipment testing, research, core stability training and expert workshops. Next to athletic development, there is attention on personal development with riders being encouraged to continue their studies and education, ensuring they are also prepared for life after cycling.

Aqua-Step’s CFO Ann Schepers: „We are happy to share the news that the Keep Challenging Center will now be referred to as the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center. Our combined passion for innovation makes this a perfect match. Aqua-Step produces floors and panels for walls, ceilings and facades. Combining the best properties of PVC and MDF, these sustainable and circular SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) products are the next step in interior and exterior finishing. We believe that the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center is the way forward for cycling to make the next step, and we are proud to be part of that journey.”

Team DSM’s Partnership Manager, Laura Oskam said: “We are proud to work together with Aqua-Step, as they are a frontrunner in their category due to their socially responsible thinking and acting. We believe the campus is a great example of our joint vision on teamwork, and we look forward to working together with Aqua-Step to ensure the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center is an inspiring environment for all of our riders and experts on the team.”

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